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Embark on a Glocal Tour to Experience the Various Charms of Korea

There is a new trend in overseas travel. Rather than traveling to big cities or resorts, traveling to local areas for unique experiences, namely, a Glocal tour has become the trend. Glocal is a compound word combining global and local, meaning unique local culture and tourism resources spread to the international community beyond a region or nation. This concept became possible with the development of a transportation network that will take you to various regions easily and fast. Plus, the availability of tourism information has become easily accessible via media and SNS channels. Korea is a good country for Glocal tours. It has an excellent transportation system that includes high-speed rail services and red buses, which can take you anywhere within a few hours. Each region is uniquely different based on its geology and weather. It will be fun to experience the traditional cultures that are well preserved in each area.
Here we recommend nine regions in Korea that are perfect for a Glocal tour. Click on the icon below and check the Glocal tour information for each area. You will find regional characteristics and culture, signature dishes you don’t want to miss, and elaborately designed tour course recommendations. We hope you can experience the various charms of Korea through a Glocal tour.

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