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See More of Korea’s Charm, Go on a Glocal Trip

The way people vacation is changing. Where once people were fixated on visiting all of the major landmarks of a country, it is now quickly changing to travelers searching for that hidden gem, a place off the beaten path that only they know about. With the worldwide boom in social media and developments in transportation and technology, there is a new depth of fun to traveling.
“Global Village”, a phrase commonly used to describe the world, has the connotation that everything is closer now than before and that places deemed “big cities” are all the same no matter where you go. A city’s personality and vibe don’t seem all that different from any other. Hence, glocal vacations are growing in popularity because they offer travelers a truly authentic experience. There are clear indicators that this new trend is well on its way to being a steady seller. A term combining the words “global” and “local”, glocal means to globalize a country’s regional culture. A glocal trip shows the people of the world the vibrant and colorful cultures that go on in the far reaches of a country that are often not well experienced.
Here we’ve prepared travel information for all the 9 regions in Korea. Each region has a vastly different geography, climate, history and culture. Each region offers a unique experience for the different types of travelers. This guide will help you choose the best places to visit and things to do based on your own travel preferences. Whether you are more outdoorsy, or prefer being among ancient ruins, or want to go on a food tour of the country, we hope you experience Korea more widely (global) and more deeply (local) on your glocal vacation.

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