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Perfect Getaways for Senior Travelers to Heal both Body and Soul

The number of tourists in their 50s and 60s visiting Korea is growing. They tend to prefer independent travel with the same kind of passion seen in people in their 20s and 30s. However, unlike their younger counterparts, senior travelers are more interested in history and culture, while preferring destinations suited for resting both body and soul rather than tightly scheduled tours. Here are some healing destinations perfect for senior travelers who want to relax in Korea.

Cheong-Kwan-Jang SPA G:
A Healing Spa Operated by Korea’s Representative Red Ginseng Brand

Korea’s representative red ginseng brand, Cheong-Kwan-Jang is hugely popular among foreign visitors to Korea as demonstrated by its high sales ranking in major duty-free stores. Directly run by the brand, Cheong-Kwan-Jang SPA G features a variety of body healing programs, such as a facial treatment that utilizes red ginseng’s active ingredients shown to be effective in boosting skin elasticity and a body treatment that combines wisdom from a variety of traditional Asian medicinal approaches. On top of that, sophisticated services, which you might expect only from five-star hotels, affordable prices, and personnel who are fluent in multiple foreign languages—are all widely available to make SPA G a popular getaway for foreigners, who constitute a majority of its visitors. There are two SPA G locations in Seoul: in Daechi-dong and Myeong-dong. Rreservation are a must!

National Forest Healing Center:
Composure through Meditation and Exercise

With over 70 percent of the country consisting of mountainous terrain, Korea boasts ample forest resources. Taking advantage of such gifts from nature, the National Forest Healing Center provides a wide array of healing programs. Green forests are magical venues where your body and soul can relax by just being there. Here, visitors can walk through a forest with expert instructors as well as engage in toning exercises and meditation. Such systematically designed programs will awaken your body’s senses and bring you peace of mind. The Center’s healing forest programs are available for a wide range of schedules (i.e., one night and two days, two nights and three days, three nights and four days), giving visitors sufficient flexibility. Once a program participant arrives, they will be given a short physical exam before being assigned to a variety of daily healing programs. What’s more, in the evening, you can relieve your fatigue through a water massage at the Hydrotherapy Center. So, why not come on down and enjoy a comfortable and relaxing time in the heart of Korea’s gorgeous forests?

Gunsan Modern Cultural Heritage Village:
Go Back in Time to the Exotic Past

Gunsan is home to the Port of Gunsan, which once bustled with people shipping rice, cotton, and other goods which had been taken from across Korea by the Japanese colonial authorities. Even today, the city remains home to many Japanese colonial-style buildings. These historical remnants summon painful memories to many Koreans. Nevertheless, the area has been preserved under the name “Modern Cultural Heritage Village” as a historical reminder and lesson for future Koreans. Gunsan Modern History Museum, the former Gunsan customs building, a Japanese house in Sinheung-dong (Hiroth House), and the Japanese-style Dongguksa Temple—all these historical attractions are packed within a 20-minute walk. What’s more, a ten-minute taxi ride will take you to Gyeongamdong Railroad Town, which is crammed with quaint houses that exude exotic charm, making your experience all the more memorable.

A Slow City Brimming with Fascinating Activities

Selected as Asia’s first slow village in 2007, Changpyeong in Damyang County is home to a well-preserved unique village culture along with beautiful traditional houses and quaint stone fences, and these qualities evoke childhood memories in Korean visitors. The village has an experience rogram known as ‘Snail Academy’ which is dedicated to sharing the importance of slow living. 
The academy offers a wide array of fascinating eco-friendly activities that include ‘honey candle’ making (run by a German husband and Korean wife couple), hangwa (traditional Korean confections) and rice taffy making, and an herbal meal prep class that utilizes seasonal herbs and roots. There are also some bed & breakfast places run by village residents, so why not visit and stay overnight as you experience the ‘snail’s pace’ charm of Changpyeong, the slow city?

Dongpirang Village: A Village Brimming with Colorful Murals

Overlooking the deep blue sea of Tongyeong City, Dongpirang Village is a popular destination even among local tourists. Lined along the meandering alleys are colorfully decorated murals that make the village picturesque and a perfect place for souvenir photos. The port vista, seen from Dongpirang Village, is even more mesmerizing and beautiful. Plus, located at the village’s entrance is a traditional market, where you can try the freshest raw fish dishes and local specialties. If you want to experience the allure of Tongyeong with both your eyes and palate, Dongpirang Village is the place for you!
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