Exotic and Exciting Experiences in Busan & Daegu for Night Owls

Busan and Daegu, Korea’s No. 2 and No. 3 cities respectively, are becoming increasingly popular among visitors to Korea. Are you interested in ways to maximize your evening fun after you arrive late in the afternoon in either of these cities? Here are some attractions that will fascinate evening visitors to Busan and Daegu!

The Bay 101:
A Vantage Point overlooking Marine City and
the Surrounding Nightscape

Busan, renowned for its night vista, is a perfect city for night owls. The night scenery around Marine City near Haeundae Beach is famous for its SF movie-like splendor and magnificence. 
The Bay 101 offers premier vantage points that overlook the entire area. Located across from Marine City, The Bay 101 is a cultural multiplex. Enjoy a pint of beer on an open pub terrace , while taking in the beautiful nightscape. Relax over a cup of coffee, relishing the aroma. Have some fun at designer shops brimming with novel ideas. What’s more, the area has a yacht club. And the series of anchored yachts and the Marine City vista just behind them make the entire vibe even more exotic and mesmerizing.

Kkangtong (Bupyeong) Market:
Relish Busan’s Night Vista with Exotic Food!

Another set of ideal venues for enjoying the Busan nightscape are its numerous night markets, among which Kkangtong Market, in particular, is always crowded with tourists looking to try exotic dishes. Egg BBQ (featuring a unique mix of ingredients such as egg, hamburger steak, and bacon), freshly pan-fried yukjeon (pan-fried battered beef) and bindaetteok (mung bean pancakes), grilled scallops with cheese—all these and dozens of other street delicacies will easily satisfy your hunger. If you arrive at Busan International Airport and feel like you could eat a horse, you should definitely head straight to this market!

Double Decker Night View Tour:
the Best Way to Take In Busan’s Gorgeous Night Vista

City tour buses are available in most of the world’s hottest cities. In addition to regular city tour bus courses that cover major tourist attractions, Busan City also offers a themed night tour course. In this tour, a double decker bus takes tourists to several of the hottest nightscape attractions in Busan, including the Port of Busan, Gwangandaegyo Bridge, and Haeundae Beach. Notably, the bus stops for ten minutes at Gwangalli Beach and allows for a quick barefoot scoot along the sandy beach. One ride on this double decker is all you need for a perfect night in Busan! Sign up for the
Double Decker Night View Tour, by making a reservation at the official website.

Suseong Lake: Daegu’s Representative Nightscape Hot Spot

Daegu City has recently become a trendy place for Korea’s youth. Once an industrial city, Daegu is now a popular day-trip destination that offers a variety of modern historical sites, trendy cafes, and convenient transportation options.
Suseong Lake is the city’s representative nightscape hot spot. Here, fountain shows featuring groovy music and sparkling lights are performed from May through October, along with busking by young artists. Plus, dozens of cafes and restaurants in the district also cater to every taste with a variety of dishes and vibes. Keen on experiencing a romantic night in Daegu? Then a visit to Suseong Lake is a must!

Daegu Seomun Market:
Enjoy Exotic Tastes and Fascinating Street Performances
on a Beautiful Night in Daegu!

Seomun Market once boasted of being one of Korea’s three major markets. Even now, the market is home to over 4,000 shops in six different sections. Crowded with shoppers during the day, the area is reborn at night as a bustling and sparkling night market. Here, visitors can enjoy exotic dishes such as ramyeon (Korean instant noodles) hot dogs and fried milk, a wide array of street performances, the Media Façade, and interactive media arts. Easily accessible via Daegu’s subway system, the night market is open until midnight on weekends, making it a perfect attraction for night owls.

Apsan Observatory:
A Special Nightscape Hotspot with a View of
the Entire City of Daegu

If you want to experience a unique night vista overlooking the entire city of Daegu, you shouldn’t miss the Apsan Observatory! A cable car ride offers visitors convenient access to the observatory where visitors can relish in a panoramic vista of all of Daegu. After the sun sets over the horizon, and once the lights begin to turn on, the city soon transforms into a sparkling array of magic lights that will make your jaw drop! The cable cars run several hours after dusk; however, we highly recommend you visit on weekends because the system shuts down relatively early on  weekdays. 
* This page was last updated on January 31, 2018, and therefore information may differ from what is presented here!


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