Top 4 Hot Spots for Muslim Tourists

With the global popularity of Korean Wave content, the number of Muslim tourists to Korea is growing each year. By expanding relevant facilities such as the availability of Islamic prayer rooms, many popular destinations in Korea are stepping up efforts to cater to Muslims who adhere to their religious precepts and daily rituals during their travels. Here are four hot spots that best accommodate the unique needs of Muslim tourists.

Itaewon: A Mecca for Muslim Travelers

Itaewon, home to diverse cultures and cuisines from all across the world, is where Seoul Central Mosque, the first Islamic mosque in Korea, is also located. The mosque offers prayer halls, the most important venues for Muslim tourists. And the surrounding area is packed with a wide variety of Muslim-friendly facilities including halal restaurants and Islamic grocery stores run by expat Muslims, offering convenient options to Muslim tourists. What’s more, the so-called Usadan-gil Road, which stretches down from the main gate of Seoul Central Mosque, is Seoul’s latest hot spot with unique restaurants, cafés, and young artist workshops. Of course, added to all that is the charm of Itaewon itself, a popular district for celebrities and fashion types with countless vintage shops and concept stores.

COEX Mall:
A Shopping Complex That Caters to All Your Needs

One of Seoul’s leading shopping malls, COEX Mall offers an Islamic prayer room, allowing Muslim tourists to enjoy their shopping without worrying about prayer times and appropriate venues. Packed with over 320 fashion and beauty brand shops, including those of global SPA brands, COEX Mall is at the heart of the latest trends. Plus, Starfield Library, a newly added hot attraction; SM Town, a must-see venue for K-wave fans; Brick Live and COEX Aquarium, popular places among children— these cultural attractions add diversity to the fun visitors can enjoy!

K-Style Hub:
Here, Find Out All You Need to Know about Korea!

Korea’s diverse charms gathered in one place—that’s what K-Style Hub is all about. This is where you can experience all of “K-style,” from Korean traditional food and aesthetics to information on Korea’s hot destinations situated in every nook and cranny of the country like hidden treasures.
Located along the Cheonggyecheon Stream, which crosses down town Seoul, the Hub is easily accessible to foreign visitors. Here, tourists interested in Korean cuisine can try out making traditional royal dishes, traditional head family dishes, and temple dishes, not to mention the iconic kimchi and bulgogi. The venue also offers an exhibition hall that provides visitors with hands-on experiences of Korea’s advanced information technology. In this hall, you can take life-like souvenir photos with K- wave stars via AR technology, or watch a variety of winter sports to celebrate the upcoming 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang. But among other things, this venue also has a prayer room for Muslim tourists, so why not come on down for a casual look around?

Namiseom Island:
Naminara Republic Offers Unique Charms Amidst
a Unique Vibe

Boasting alluring natural beauty and diverse cultural facilities, Namiseom Island came to be known among foreign visitors after being featured in Winter Sonata, a Korean drama series which reputedly commenced today’s K-drama craze. Recently, there have been an increasing number of Muslim tourists visiting the island. This new trend is partly thanks to Muslim-friendly facilities on the island, such as an Islamic prayer room and a halal restaurant, which were established in 2011 as part of the resort’s effort to accommodate cultural diversity. Namiseom Island offers a wide variety of cultural hands-on experience activity programs, such as glass blowing and pendant making using colorful glass materials, pottery making out of mud that you get to knead yourself, and silver ring making, where you transform a silver stick into a silver ring with your own initials inscribed on it—these are some activities that you shouldn’t miss!
* This page was last updated on January 31, 2018, and therefore information may differ from what is presented here!


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