Your Korean Trip Made Even More Fun with Children!

Are you visiting Korea with your family? Then, why not spend some time at a kid-friendly attraction? Here are some incredible venues your children will love. Theme parks with fun rides and playgrounds, kids’ cafes where popular cartoon characters will greet your kids, and a job experience center, where kids can sample what grown-ups do at work — all ensure your family’s trip to Korea becomes a memorable adventure

Lotte World:
Where Kids Can Enjoy Exciting Parades and Fun Rides!

As any parent knows, children LOVE theme parks! Lotte World in downtown Seoul, Seoul Land in Gwacheon, and Everland in Yongin—these are all family theme parks, hugely popular among local families. Lotte World is a popular destination among foreign tourists as it is easily accessible by subway and offers a variety of attractions, events, and fantastic parades. If you are visiting with your kids, start your journey from the Adventure Kiddie Zone where your children can enjoy bumper cars and an exciting parade, then ride the Wild Wing that soars into the sky or drift on Dream Boats that take you to a fairy forest. One more thing: Don’t miss out on riding the World Monorail, a sky train that lets you take in the landscape surrounding Lotte World along with its beautiful lake!

Seoul Land:
Where Dream and Fantasy Unfolds All Year Round

Unlike Lotte World, where a variety of attractions are neatly packed together, 
Seoul Land features vast lawns and gorgeous walking paths, attracting families who want to enjoy a picnic. This theme park is packed with fun rides that feature popular cartoon characters such as Turning Mecard, Vroomiz, Tobot, and Larva, all popular among young children! What’s more, the park runs sledding hills in the winter and an outdoor swimming pool in the summer. There is also a nearby zoo where kids can learn about animals from all across the globe. Don’t miss out on this incredible kid-friendly fun!

Where Kids Get to Meet Animals and Enjoy Fun Rides

Renowned as Korea’s largest theme park, 
Everland can be conveniently reached from Seoul via an LRT known as the EverLine, or by shuttle bus from Seoul’s major hubs such as Gangnam and Hongdae. Everland features a variety of kid-friendly offerings such as Kids Village, Kizcovery, and Aesop’s Village as well as Safari World and Lost Valley, all popular attractions where kids can observe animals living in natural and open environments. Plus, the park frequently holds dazzling parades as well as numerous festivals that include a tulip festival in March and April, a rose festival in May and June, and a Halloween festival in the autumn, making Everland a source of never-ending fun for kids! National Museum of Korea: Discover Korea’s National Treasures with All Five Senses!

National Museum of Korea:
Discover Korea’s National Treasures with All Five Senses!

Korea has a variety of national museums that offer free admissions making them excellent attractions for budget-conscious foreign tourists. Moreover, some museums offer separate children’s museums that make them extra popular with families. 
The National Museum of Korea, the country’s representative museum, houses over 330,000 national treasures and is considered one of the world’s largest museums. It operates an independent children’s museum where kids can experience cultural artifacts using all five senses that include touching and feeling kid friendly displays. Here, a variety of replicas, such as traditional houses, clothes, and artworks, are on display to help kids better understand Korean traditional culture and history. What’s more, one of the museum’s experience programs allows kids to touch gilt-bronze crowns and stone pagodas. So, why not bring the whole family down for these exiting hands-on experiences? (*Making a prior reservation is recommended because the children’s museum limits the number of program participants per session for safety reasons.)

National Hangeul Museum:
Discover the Principles and Value of the Korean Alphabet

Located next to the National Museum of Korea, the National Hangeul Museum is a space dedicated to Hangeul, the Korean alphabet. The exhibits showcase the principles behind the creation of Hangeul, whose scientific basis is recognized globally, as well as other Hangeul-related artifacts. In addition, the museum operates the Hangeul Learning Center, where foreigners can learn Hangeul with ease, and a Hangeul Playground for Children, where kids between age of 6 and 9 can play while learning the principles and value of the Korean alphabet. So, please come on down and have fun!

National Folk Museum of Korea:
Where a Variety of Hands-on Exhibitions Await You

Located within the eastern section of Gyeongbokgung Palace, the 
National Folk Museum of Korea is a popular attraction among Korean families as it runs an independent children’s museum within its premise. The children’s museum hosts a variety of hands-on exhibitions related to Korean culture and history. For instance, the current exhibition, scheduled to continue until September 2018, is dedicated to animals featured in Korean mythology. Please book early and make a prior reservation because the museum restricts the number of visitors per session. 

Pororo Park (Lotte World Jamsil Branch):
A Theme Park Dedicated to Pororo the Little Penguin,
the Most Popular Korean Cartoon Character

Have you heard of Pororo and Cocomong, the most popular Korean cartoon characters? Becoming increasingly popular in Korea as well as in Asia and Europe, Pororo is a mischievous penguin and Cocomong is a cute monkey who always shares in his exciting adventures and teaches kids lessons about eating a heathy diet. Thanks to their huge popularity, Pororo Park and Cocomong Eco Park have become all the rage among children. Pororo Park, in particular, is so popular that it has expanded overseas to China and Singapore!
Located within Lotte World, Pororo Park is easily accessible to foreigners. The venue offers a wide variety of fun rides and playgrounds for little kids, such as a cute little train, a play area featuring hinoki wood cubes to simulate the five senses, exciting bumper cars and a fun carousel. Plus, the theme park has a restaurant that offers delicious snacks. So, why not come on down and spend some quality time with your kids?

Cocomong Eco Park Jeju:
An Eco-friendly Adventure Land for Kids

Cocomong Eco Park offers a wide array of eco-friendly play facilities for kids as well as unique hands-on art experiences that allow children to learn the importance of nature and develop their imagination. Surrounded by beautiful forests, the park’s Jeju branch offers richer experiences than other branches. The Jungle Camp and Slide, where kids can roam around a forest, and the Cocomong Train are two attractions that your kids will not want to miss! Why not come on down and create special memories with your kids in the middle of the pristine natural beauty Jeju has to offer?

Kizania: Where Youngsters Can Experience Grown-up Jobs

The idea of what to become when we grow up—changes several times a day for the average kid. Job experience centers, where children can pick from and sample a wide variety of grown-up jobs, have become all the rage in Korea, and KidZania is the most popular of such centers.
Located near Lotte World, this venue is easily accessible to foreign tourists via subway. Here at KidZania, your kid can become a police officer, a fire fighter, a doctor (jobs often favored by kids). Or they can choose a less common job and become a hotelier, a florist, a car designer, an actor, or even an archaeologist. In very realistic settings, children can experience what a job is like for 15-30 minutes, depending on the kind they have chosen, so please plan your kid’s schedule carefully for optimal fun.

Kids & Keys: Where Children Can Taste 24 Grown-up Jobs

Kids and Keys is another popular job simulation venue among parents and children. This attraction offers a total of 24 jobs under six different themes such as fashion and food. Among other things, a kid can choose to become a fashion model, a makeup artist, or an idol star—jobs that are especially popular among children today, making this fantasy world all the more sought-after.

Little Socium: Where Kids Can Sample 42 Grown-up Jobs

Located in Daegu City, Little Socium is a job-themed park jointly developed by EBS, Korea’s leading educational broadcasting company and the Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training (KRIVET), that has gained a good reputation among parents. Here, children can experience 42 different jobs in six categories such as public service, educational media, and culture/arts/sports. Notably, Little Socium offers a variety of high-quality experience programs. 
For instance, kids can participate in a TV show recording at a broadcasting company or take on different roles in a mock courtroom.

Baby Fairs: Try Out Diverse Baby Products in One Place

Korean baby products, which offer quality at affordable prices, have become popular items all across Asia. For would-be moms and moms with children, baby fairs may be the perfect attraction, where they can try out a wide array of baby products and make purchases at discounted prices, all within a single venue.

Among numerous baby fairs, the most popular ones are BeFe Baby Fair and Korea Baby Fair.
These fairs are held twice annually at COEX and KINTEX respectively, with more detailed information and exact dates available on their websites. Hundreds of brands participate in these fairs, displaying a wide variety of products related to pregnancy, childbirth, and child rearing. So, don’t miss out on these incredible opportunities!
* This page was last updated on January 31, 2018, and therefore information may differ from what is presented here!


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