Top 3 Hot Spots for a Fun Trip among Best Buddies

As long as you are with your best friends, it won’t much matter where you go. You will leave the place with special memories, no matter where you were in the world, and that’s the power of true friendship. Here are some enthralling places Korea has to offer for you and your kindred spirits!

Jeonju Hanok Village:
A Fascinating Intermingling of Gorgeous Hanok and
Rustic Stone Fence Alleys

Our first destination is Jeonju Hanok Village, a popular friendship tour destination even among Korean youth. The village is home to dozens of hanok (traditional Korean houses) and plain stone fence alleys that have survived the test of time. Here, you can see tourists wearing hanboks (traditional Korean clothing) wandering about the village as there are several hanbok rental shops near the district to ensure your visit creates special memories for you and your closest friend. Hanbok comes in a variety of styles, ranging from fancy royal styles once worn by ancient kings and queens to modern ones designed for everyday wear. You can also receive makeup & hair services to match your choice of hanbok, so please don’t miss out on this incredible fun!
The village is also home to a wide array of street foods as it is teaming with tourists year-round.
Sweet handmade “choco pies,” “baguette burgers” filled with an assortment of veggies, croquettes filled with bibimbap (Jeonju’s representative dish), or cheese stick s – these are only some of the exotic dishes you can try in the village.

Jeonju Nambu Market:
Enjoy Exotic Dishes in a Vibrant Atmosphere

Located a five-minute walk from Jeonju Hanok Village, Jeonju Nambu Market is another must-see attraction. The market is brimming with unique vibrancy and a wide variety of delicacies, and on the second floor of the main building is a unique market known as Cheongnyeon (Youth) Mall.
From small pubs for day-time drinking to small handicraft and accessory shops, the mall is packed with one-of-a-kind shops run by youthful entrepreneurs. What’s more, a bustling night market opens every Friday and Saturday, so don’t miss all the fun!

Dalmaji-gil Road:
A Vantage Point Overlooking a Beautiful Beach

Our next destination is Dalmaji-gil Road near Haeundae Beach in Busan. Overlooking the entire vista of the coastal area and lined with countless cafés and gourmet restaurants, this neighborhood is one of the hottest places in the Haeundae area. As the name Dalmaji-gil (dalmaji means “moon watching”) indicates, once the sun sets over the horizon, visitors can relish in the romantic night visa saturated in the gentle moonlight. Among women in Busan, Dalmaji-gil is also well-known as a place to enjoy a leisurely brunch with friends. Once you have enjoyed a variety of dishes at one of the area’s elegantly decorated brunch restaurants, you can also explore nearby galleries or go for a walk. What’s more, a flea market known as “Dalmaji Art Market” is held every Saturday and Sunday afternoon at a small square by Haewoljeong Pavilion, which is another site you shouldn’t miss!

Woljeongri Beach, Jeju:
The Island’s Hot Place Known for Its Pinkish Glow at Dusk

Our final destination is Woljeongri Beach, one of Jeju Island’s hottest attractions. Renowned for its emerald-hued seawater, sparkling silvery white sands, and pinkish glow at sunset, the coastline is lined with countless unique cafés, most of which are equipped with glass walls that offer views of the gorgeous seascape. What’s more, these cafés sell exotic beverages made from Jeju’s native tangerines and citrus fruits, so why not spend some relaxing time at a café of your choice? Plus, don’t forget to take souvenir photos while sitting in colorful wooden chairs (which have made the beach even more popular and famous)!
* This page was last updated on January 31, 2018, and therefore information may differ from what is presented here!


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