Gourmet Tour Top 4 Hot Spots

Seoul offers a wide range of culinary delights, from tasty and nutritious hansik (traditional Korean food) to dishes from all around the globe along with trendy fusion dishes and street foods that you can easily enjoy anywhere - anytime. Let’s check out the most popular food alleys among young people in Seoul these days.

Our first destination is a traditional market

Traditional markets have always been favored by the young as they offer a variety of tasty foods at affordable prices. Seoul, in particular, is strewn with traditional markets. What’s more, each market has its own unique delicacies, providing even more fun for visitors.

Gwangjang Market, with its endless selection of dishes, is definitely the most sought-after among all traditional markets. Whether it is bindaetteok (mung bean pancakes) prepared in front of you with its sizzling flavor,; “mayak (drug) gimbap” whose taste is as addictive as its name suggests,;
sweet and spicy tteok-bokki,; bibimbap seasoned with an assortment of vegetables,; or ever-popular hoe (raw fish), just the sight of all these culinary delights will make your mouth water.

If you are overwhelmed by choice, try bindaetteok, ground mung bean paste fried to crispness, or kkoma gimbap (mayak gimbap) a rice roll the size of a bite with carrot and picked radish. Neither of these dishes use spicy ingredients, so many foreigners like them.
Bindaetteok, in particular, will present you with a unique harmony in flavor when consumed with makgeolli, a traditional Korean alcohol.
Located near Gyeongbokgung Palace, 
Tongin Market is popular for its unique “Dosirak (lunch box) buffet.” Here, you exchange cash for yeopjeon, traditional Korean coins. Then, using yeopjeon, You can buy a variety of foods sold at the market in small amounts—to create lunch box à la carte. You can bring your lunch box to the Dosirak Café at the market’s center to sit and eat as well as order soup or coffee there. A yeopjeon token is KRW 500 each, and about ten tokens will be more than enough to fill your lunch box!

What is the one food that you shouldn’t miss at Tongin Market? Gireum (oil)  tteok-bokki. Unlike regular tteok-bokki, gireumtteok-bokki is made by stir-frying rice cake pieces mixed with gochujang paste or soy sauce in a rounded pan. This recipe creates both crispy and chewy textures. If you are interested in experiencing tteok-bokki, one of the most popular snacks among Koreans—but with a twist, gireum tteok-bokki is a must try!

Our second destination is Itaewon World Food Street

Deemed a “small global village within Seoul”, Itaewon is well-known for its multiculturalism and gourmet dishes from across the globe. Home to numerous restaurants run by expat chefs, Itaewon attracts throngs of young people eager to enjoy exotic tastes and vibes. Culinary delights from around the world, such as those from Greece, Bulgaria, Russia, Brazil and,  South Africa , which cannot be found anywhere else in Seoul, are waiting for you in Itaewon. Besides, there are numerous restaurants in the area run by celebrity chefs who appear frequently on Korean TV programs. So, come out and see what Itaewon has to offer while you are in Seoul!

Our third destination is Gyeongnidan-gil Road near Itaewon

Countless restaurants, both big and small, line the narrow alleys of this area, which has recently become popular thanks to young, artistically gifted chefs who cook up one-of-a-kind dishes. Another reason the area draws young people is the liberal vibe created by the intermingling of people and foreigners from diverse backgrounds who live nearby. What’s more, craft beer pubs and rooftop cafes on Gyeongnidan-gil Road have recently become all the rage. Come on down and enjoy the different tastes and aromas of craft beer and the charm of the romantic rooftops while taking in the mesmerizing view of N Seoul Tower!

Our final destination is Gyeongui Line Forest Park

Former railway track-turned urban park, Gyeongui Line Forest Park is dubbed by locals “Yeontral Park” because of the way people hang out on the green grass in a park that reminds them of New York’s Central Park. With its convenient location near Hongik University. Station on Seoul’s subway line, the park has become a new hot spot among young people. Notably, there are small cafes and restaurants with personality hidden in every corner of the old alleys, and touring them promises the visitor a fun time.
 Recently, numerous takeout restaurants have popped up along the park to serve people who want to relax and go on a picnic. Cube steak (steak cut into cube slices for easy bites) & tasty French fries, a large slice of pizza, a panini sandwich with soft cheese, spicy hot wings—all these yummy foods draw your attention. Besides, there are shops that sell bottled beer from across the globe. Come experience the wonderful vibe in this beautiful park with a fresh pint of beer.
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