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Best Road Trip Destinations near Seoul for a Rental Car Journey

There are a wide variety of convenient and affordable rental car options and car sharing services available in Korea. A short, one-day road trip to the outskirts of Seoul can help you create special memories to take with you. Gapyeong and Chuncheon, filled with a variety of things to see and taste, are especially popular destinations among locals living in the Seoul Capital Area. Here are some of the attractions from the areas we recommend for a special road trip!

The Garden of Morning Calm:
Where a Fresh Morning Meets Serene Elegance

Rabindranath Tagore, the great Indian poet, once depicted Korea in his poem as the “Garden of Morning Calm”. Named after this poetic line, the Garden of Morning Calm is where a traditional Korean garden meets modern sensibilities. This attraction is divided into different thematic gardens featuring traditional Korean aesthetics that emphasize concepts such as curved lines, empty spaces, and the beauty of unbalanced things. Walking down these serene gardens will allow you to discover a unique brand of Korean elegance and beauty. Notably, during the off-season in winter several years ago, the Garden started Korea’s first lighting festival offered in a botanical garden, by decorating its trees with millions of sparkling lights. Whether you visit in spring, summer, fall, or even winter, the Garden of Morning Calm never fails to delight!

Jade Garden: Enjoy a Romantic Walk Amidst a European Vibe

Designed under the theme of “a small Europe within a forest,” Jade Garden features a minimum number of artificial structures, while consisting of alluring walking paths with equally beautiful names like “Tree Aroma Path” and “Forest Wind Path.” What’s more, visitors can enjoy dakgalbi and makguksu, popular Chuncheon specialties, in an exotic-looking restaurant by the Garden’s entrance. In fact, this building was featured in the popular K-drama ‘That Winter, the Wind Blows’, starring Korean Wave stars Song Hye-kyo and Jo In-sung, making it an even more memorable and well-known place among Korean Wave fans.

Gangchon Rail Park: Create Special Memories on a Rail Bike

Gangchon is part of the old Gyeongchun Line that connected Seoul and Chuncheon. The town was once dubbed the “holy land of youth” as it was a popular destination among college students. Trains on the Gyeongchun Line, also dubbed the “youth train,” no longer run along the tracks; however, the railway is used today as a rail bike for the Gangchon Rail Park, drawing throngs of visitors who want to conjure up romantic memories of their youth. The park also features a gorgeous vista of the Bukhangang River, helping family, friends, and couples create pleasant memories.

Soyangho Lake:
A Vast Artificial Lake That Will Soothe Your Soul

Created as a result of the construction of the Soyang Dam, Soyangho Lake is Korea’s largest artificial lake. The lake is so large that it’s hard to make out the opposite side and is dubbed an “inland sea.” The area’s magnificent mountains and calm waters create a romantic vibe, which is even better appreciated on a ferry. Cheongpyeongsa Temple remains a popular attraction that can be reached by a 10-minute ferry ride. 

A temple with over a millennium of history, Cheongpyeongsa Temple is home to the oldest garden in Korea. Visitors will first be greeted by a dark green forest that surrounds the walking trail, followed by a stone pagoda that epitomizes ‘plain’ beauty and a fresh waterfall, before finally taking in the down-to-earth beauty of the temple. Designated Treasure No. 164, the Hoejeonmun Gate at the entrance of the temple is a rare gem that symbolizes the Buddhist philosophy of ‘samsara’ and should not be missed. Plus, if you visit the temple in the fall, you can appreciate a gorgeous vista covered in reddish maple leaves.
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