Top 6 Exciting and Exotic Activities

Travelers are assigning greater priority to activities that provide a thrilling rush and offer a diverse range of fun, rather than taking trips to satisfy their eyes and palates. Fortunately, Korea is strewn with activity hot spots all across the country. Where can you go to in Korea to enjoy exotic activities? Let’s find out!

Let’s Learn How to Waterski This Summer :
the King of Summer Sports!

Water skiing is a major summer sport that lets you enjoy the thrill of gliding on the surface of water. Among the many water skiing hot spots available around Korea, Gapyeong (near Seoul) is the most popular for local and foreign tourists. The Bukhangang River is both wide and deep, as well as filled with clean water, making Gapyeong a perfect place for water skiing. In particular, the area where the Bukhangang River and Cheongpyeong Lake meet is home to dozens of water sports and leisure businesses, making it very convenient for all tourists. Plus, professional instructors are there to teach you the basics and give practical lessons, so first timers can relax and master any new challenge. 
Gapyeong Water Skiing

Alpine Coaster: A Summer Sled with Thrill and Speed
& An Exotic Adventure on an ATV

First invented in Austria and especially popular in Europe, an alpine coaster is also called a “summer sled” or “mountain coaster.” It can run up to the speed of 40 km/h along a slope, making it a popular fun ride even among adults, not to mention children. Visit PyeongChang, Gangwon Province—the venue for the 2018 Winter Olympics, and enjoy the thrill of the alpine coaster!
The alpine coaster is operated by Alpensia Resort. Anyone eight years or older can enjoy an alpine coaster equipped with a speed control break and various safety devices. Plus, during the ride, you will be able to enjoy a gorgeous view of the mountains and sky above PyeongChang. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity, if you are into exciting activities!
Riding an  all-terrain vehicle (ATV), also known as a mountain motorcycle in Korea, is an activity loved by all who enjoy the rough appeal of off-road riding as the vehicle travels across different types of terrain, from deserts to icy surfaces. ATV riding is available in many places across Korea such as Incheon, Gapyeong, Taean, and Jeju Island. Gapyeong, in particular, is popular among young people due to the variety of courses offered and a wealth of attractions in the region. The typical rush down rough trails in the mountains, the unique thrill of splashing water crossing a stream, or a romantic ride along the silvery reeds against the backdrop of a beautiful sunset—you can enjoy any or all of these incredible riding routes. Worried about not having an international driver’s license ready? Don’t worry. Anyone can enjoy the appeal and thrill of an ATV without a license after learning some safety tips. Are you interested in experiencing an exotic activity in Korea? Then come on down to Gapyeong and enjoy its natural beautiful on an ATV!

Paragliding: An Activity for Your Inner “Icarus”

An awe-inspiring activity, paragliding lets you fulfill the dream of flying around in a blue sky, gliding through white clouds. Korea also has many venues for such thrills and excitement. Yangbangsan Mountain in Danyang, in particular, is a good location for paragliding. The area’s stable weather and winds means more flying days, and the view of downtown Danyang surrounded by magnificent mountains and the meandering Namhangang River creates a mesmerizing vista. Danyang Paragliding 
For first timers, introductory tandem flights are available. Take a brief lesson, put on your safety gear, and you’re all ready to soar into the sky! During your 10-minute flight, you can take photos and videos, so why not shout at the top of your lungs and make funny faces—creating indelible memories of your trip to Korea?

Let’s Zip through the Air on a Zipline and Earn a Certificate!

Also known as flying fox, zip wire, and by various other names, zipline is a major sliding sport that uses a wire and is a popular activity in famous jungles and valleys all around the world. In Korea, you can try ziplining in places like Yongin, Mungyeong, and Jeju Island. Among these venues, Mungyeong is especially popular for its nine courses that constitute a single round.
Visitors can start from a relatively easy course at a less intimidating altitude and gentle slope, then proceed towards increasingly longer and higher (dizzying) courses. Notably, the last course offers a whopping 360-meter long ride over a dense forest, making it the ultimate zipline experience. Once you finish the round, you will receive a certificate of completion. Are you up for the challenge?

Skyline Luge Tongyeong:
A Rush Down Asia’s Longest Track Overlooking the Blue Sea.

Having first emerged in New Zealand and later becoming hugely popular, Skyline Luge is a downhill track ride on a specially designed cart which has no power and utilizes only the pull of gravity. Skyline Luge Tongyeong is the sixth of its kind in the world after those in New Zealand, Canada, and Singapore. With an impressive 1.5-kilometer long track, the longest in Asia, the Tongyeong luge has been popular since its opening. Skyline Luge Tongyeong features the world’s only 360 - degree course along with a spectacular sea vista, attracting even people who have already completed a Skyline Luge overseas. It takes about ten minutes to finish the track. If you are a speed enthusiast, we recommend buying a 3-ride pass or a 5-ride pass so that you can get used to the track before pushing your limits for maximum thrills and speed.
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